Flight and Hotels reservation.

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Twa phones and Internet balance

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Mazaya Electronic Payment

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ALHORIA Brokerage and Financial Services

Alhoria is a Libyan company engaged in the field of brokerage and financial services. It is a newly established company. However, it came as a result of many efforts came together, alhoria has been established for supporting a lot of other activities such as hotel reservations, airline tickets, e-mail for mobile and Internet balances and electronic payment services.

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Latest Project


To provide the best payment solutions in the ME area during the next 10 years, and support the electronic commerce around the Arabic world


developing a new applications that serve all aspects of  the economic life by using all modern technology which is exist or which will be in the future.


Mazaya is an electronic payment system that gives the users options to send and receive money from an account to another.

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new services from Alhoria gives their users the ability to recharge their mobile phone balance and internet and many more digital products..

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now it is time to make your reservation from home or from your office get your best prices from one place when it comes to travel just visit rhla.co.

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